Huro-Atlantic Federation
Hezia-Ręrrbeti Jönᵫretab

National Flag
Greater Coat of Arms

Sarręretab aj larubev jæ ręr n'ha ręrav
Florida, USA 200px
Capital city Safety Harbor
Largest city Tampa
Official language(s) English
Demonym Huronite
Government Presidential Republic
- President Ivan Abernathy
Established January 5,2013
Area claimed circa. 40 sq. mi
Population c. 100,000
Currency Šęr (Shell)

Government Site

The Huro-Atlantic Federation (originally the United Federation of Huro-Atlantic Republics) was a Predecessor State to Huro-Atlantica. It was a federation of five republics and had a claimed total population of approximately 100,000. The Nation also had a claimed land area of around 40 square miles. The Republics were labeled with the suffix FCR, which was an acronym that stands for Federated Constituent Republic.

Constituents[edit | edit source]

Asermian FCR[edit | edit source]

The Asermian FCR, known commonly as Asermia, was a state of Huro-Atlantica. The region served as a buffer state to the Simlian FCR

Hillsboroughite FCR[edit | edit source]

The Hillsborough FCR was the Largest of the Five Republics, and was also the most densely populated. As of 2012, The Hillsboroughite FCR had 2,145,768 people living within its boders.

Simlian FCR[edit | edit source]

The Simlian FCR was a tiny republic that surounded the capital entirely. The Bermanian FACR was an Enclave within Simlia, and the Asermian FCR was a Buffer state on the Outer Bounds of Simlia. The Simlian FCR had 24 people residing in it, and it was heavily fortified, with a wall surrounding 70% of the Perimeter, and a Lake that served as an obstacle for potential invaders of an additional 15% of the border. 

Bermanian FACR[edit | edit source]

The Bermanian FACR was the very core constituent of the entire union. Its suffix stood for "Federative Autonomous Capital Region". It surrounded the House of the Nation's Founder and was completely surrounded by both the Asermian FCR and the Simlian FCR. It also was surrounded by a small Buffer Zone, that was technically part of the Simlian FCR, but was also semi-autonomous.

Lenawee FCR[edit | edit source]

The Lenawee FCR consisted of the Entirety of Lenawee County, Michigan. It was The Second Largest Republic and also The Second most Populated. It had One University within its borders.

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